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Pro 1100 (75 Ohm)

The same high-performance Pro 1100 in-building cell signal amplifier, but with 75 Ohm “F” connectors to fit pre-wired or standard coax cable setups.

Designed to reach faraway cell towers, the Pro 1100 boasts a remarkable uplink power of up to 25 dBm and 15 dBm in downlink—roughly twice the power of competing amplifiers at its price point. With its built-in XDR technology, the Pro 1100 offers continuous connectivity in a 35,000 sq. ft. coverage area—never overloading or shutting down due to a strong outside cell signal.

 For greater control and usability, the Pro 1100 utilizes a color LCD touch screen, allowing users to troubleshoot, assess performance, adjust the outside antenna, and turn bands on and off. Its modern, intuitive design makes for easier antenna connection and wall-mount installation.

 5G Ready - WilsonPro cellular signal amplifiers will work for the next decade and beyond.


  • Enhances cell coverage area up to 35,000 sq. ft
  • 25 dBm max uplink
  • Up to 70 dB Gain
  • Remote access through WilsonPro Cloud
  • Multi-Tower Targeting Technology
  • 75 Ohm “F” connectors to fit pre-wired or standard coax cable setups


Pro 1100 (75 Ohm)

HIW Pro 710i Diagram Common Mode

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