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1M MTRJ/LC Mode Conditioning Fiber Patchcord

Part No. FB-MCF-RL
62.5ΜM MMF
Operating wavelength 1310nm  
Maximum insertion loss 0.5dB  
Coupled power ratio (CPR) 28 to 40dB 12 to 20dB
Back reflection S/M channel 30dB  
Back reflection M/M channel 20dB  
Connector finish PC or APC  
Ferrule radius of curvature 10 to 25mm  
Fibre height -50 to 50nm  
Maximum angular offset  
Sheath colour Orange (yellow for SM leg) Orange (yellow for SM leg)
Temperature Cycling (IEC 61300-2-22)
-40 to +75°C, 40 cycles
=0.2dB Change
Damp Heat (IEC 61300-2-19)
60°C at 95% RH, 96 hours
=0.2dB Change
Vibration (Mated Pair) (IEC 61300-2-1)
10-55 Hz, 1.5mm P to P
=0.3dB Change
Mating Durability (IEC 61300-2-2)
1000 mating cycles
Clean every 25
< 0.2 dB Change
Operating Temperature (IEC 61300-2-22)
-20°C to +60°C

Patch cord Specification

Connectors available Types: FC, ST, SC, LC
Product Packaging Each patchcord is packaged individually and individually identified for traceability, test certification is supplied for each assembly.
Length 2000mm ± 10mm
Other lengths available to order
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