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AV Systems Design and Installation

Over the years, we have been designing and installing hundreds of AV systems in New York City. Our goals is simple, to deliver dynamic and reliable AV systems to help you connect and communicate effectively. Unleash the power of digital communication in your conference room, telepresence room, lobby, trading floors, and informal communication hubs.

There are many advantages to realize from adding a new AV system to your infrastructure, facilitate training, increase in productivity, boosts employees morale as they find easier and modern ways to connect to colleagues, customers, vendors, and business partners.   

We work with our clients to facilitate, plan and implement the ideal AV system based on company size, budget, and specific business requirements.

Video conferencing MADE EASY

We custom design and install tailored-made video conferencing solutions to help advance your business strategy to improve collaboration and productivity in your organization. Our AV integrators can help you open new channels for high performing and truly engaged teams.

Life video and voice conferencing services can provide your organization with new tools to recruit new talent, remove workplace constraints and add diversity to projects by bringing different groups together.    

Reduce operation cost while delivering services and solution that help drive the business competitive advantage with an immersive telepresence solution. 

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DIGITAL SIGNAGE: deliver your message

Digital Signage Systems are an effective and inexpensive way of communicating with your customers and employees interactively, it can be a very powerful tool to inform, educate and attract your audience. 



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Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is the lifeline for the entire Information Technology network and the core competency of Cables and Chips Network Installation Services group. Structured Cabling Installations is the foundation on which all other network activities depend.

Office & Data Center Products

Our network and cabling experts can help you select the best network components for your budget. Both corporate networks and home networks need to be designed with the flexibility to grow and change rapidly. Check Our Online Catalog!