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Basic RJ45 Cable Tester


* Can test the correct pin configuration of 10 Base T, 10 Base 2 Thin Ethernet cable, RJ11/45 modular cables 356A, TIA-568A/568B and Token Ring cables etc.
* Easy to verify cable continuity, open, short and miswire.
* With remote kit, it can remotely test cable up to 100 ft. away either on wall plate or patch panel.
* Can test the grounding.
* Feature with auto or manual scan for pin-out indicators.
* A power switch is provided for saving battery power.

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Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is the lifeline for the entire Information Technology network and the core competency of Cables and Chips Network Installation Services group. Structured Cabling Installations is the foundation on which all other network activities depend.

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Our network and cabling experts can help you select the best network components for your budget. Both corporate networks and home networks need to be designed with the flexibility to grow and change rapidly. Check Our Online Catalog!